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She was told they found her in a wardrobe with blood on her hands, crouching like a scared child they took her. This was her good friend, her protector, her guardian in a way, she was a tough street chick but she had a heart of gold. An angel with broken wings doing her best to survive in this world, now she was gone, taken. The next time they were to see each other was in a courtroom behind a pane of glass, how could this happen?

This was unbelievable, the days in court seemed to be a blur, the prosecution incriminated an earth angel. She was a victim, she was a child, it was self defense as a reaction to a nasty sexual assault but the prosecution said it was a premeditated attack on a stranger. Disbelief and sobs reigned around the courtroom, the verdict was read.


They tried her as an adult, they waited until she turned 18, she was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years. This has to be served before parole is even considered, this was all wrong, why does the justice system produce injustice? Her mother collapsed and could not find the use of her legs due to the shock, she was carried home but home was never the same without her. She was taken away and could be visited once a year as they didn’t even keep her near the family.

She is still incarcerated.